About Us

The Southwest Idaho section of the Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1991, by Jude Garzolini (a recent past president of the national SWE organization), Patricia Dion, Yuan-Ling Chou, and Mary Knowles.

Currently, our section has 30 active members, including women representing various engineering fields, such as computer science and information systems, mechanical and electrical engineering, and environmental science. We are part of the Region J section of SWE.

Various opportunities exist to participate in the Southwest Idaho section. Get involved !

2011-2012 Officers

The following officers were recently elected and will begin their roles July. To find out more, check out the officer descriptions.

President Sarah Swantner (sarah.swantner@yahoo.com)
Vice President Alison Lark (larkta@live.com)
Treasurer Hope Bateman (hope.wstn@gmail.com)
Secretary Jennifer Rush (jennifer.rush@hp.com)
Section Representative Anita Tjan (anita.tjan@gmail.com)
Collegiate Section Counselor Jude Garzolini (judegarzolini@boisestate.edu)
Scholarship Chair Tiffany Greyson (tiffany.greyson@hp.com)
Communications Chair

Stephanie Baldwin (stephbaldwin37@yahoo.com)

Outreach Chair OPEN (swiswe@googlegroups.com)
Programs Chair Tyelisa Shields (tyelisa@hp.com)
Section Vitality Chair Open (swiswe@googlegroups.com)
HP-SWE Programs Co-Chairs

Open (swiswe@googlegroups.com)

Webmaster Jane Miceli (jane@janemiceli.com)